I don’t know about you, but I suddenly get these craving attacks!! Like I HAVE to eat this dish TODAY!! And try as I might to fight it, it will just not go away! And that is the biggest issue with living outside of India. Invariably, you have to just make stuff yourself! It  all began with a trip to the Indian store. I saw the cutest baby eggplants there! And boom! It hit me….I needed, nay, HAD to eat ‘Bharli Vaangi‘ the popular Maharastrian side dish of stuffed eggplants!! The intense craving for the flavors, spices and the Goda Masala won over! So, I gave in and proceeded to make it with Misal and Kaakadi Koshimbir!! Served it with piping hot rice and rotis! This is an abbreviated version of a meal served in Maharashtra, but it satiated my cravings and boy was I happy! 🙂


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