If you like onions, here is one ridiculously simple no-cook raita or what we South Indians call Pachdi for you! With just less than 5 ingredients, you can enjoy this as a side dish to cool off a spicy Vazhakka Podi!   



  • Yield: 2 servings
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes


  • Medium red onion: 1
  • Low fat yogurt: 1 cup
  • Mustard seeds: 1 tbsp
  • Finely chopped cilantro: 1 tbsp


  1. To a bowl, add 1 cup of low fat yogurt and whisk well. Add salt to taste

  2. Finely dice one medium onion and add to the yogurt.

  3. Heat 1/2 tsp of oil and add 1 tbsp of mustard seeds. When they splutter, add to the Pachdi/Raita. Mix well.

  4. Garnish with 1tbsp of finely chopped cilantro, cover and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.

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