Kale Kadhi


Kale, Fresh dill, Fresh Cranberries, Dill seeds, Kefir, Low-fat Sour cream, Chickpea flour (besan)

1. Chop ½ cup of fresh dill.
2. Heat oil in a pan and add ½ cup of fresh cranberries into it. Cover it immediately with a lid and allow it to cook down.
3. Add the chopped dill, red chili powder, asafoetida, salt to taste.
4. Mix everything well and reduce the heat and allow the cranberries and dill to cook down with all the spices.
5. Turn off the heat, allow it to cool and blend into a paste. Keep aside in a big bowl.
6. Chop 1.5 cups of kale.
7. In a large pan, add 6 cups of water.
8. Take a large bowl and fill it up with ice cubes.
9. Add the chopped kale to the boiling water and take it out after 3 minutes with a slotted spoon and put it into the ice. This shocking process will help to keep the kale’s bright green color.
10. Take out the kale from the ice and squeeze all the water out and keep aside.
11. To the big bowl that contains the cranberry-dill paste, add 2 cups of kefir (or sour homemade yogurt if available) and ¾ cup of low-fat sour cream.
12. Add 3 tablespoons of chickpea flour, salt to taste and ½ cup of water to the above and whisk well till it is of pouring consistency.
13. Heat oil in a large flat-bottomed pan, add 1 tablespoon each of cumin seeds and dill seeds. When they begin to splutter, break 2 dried red chilies into it, saute briefly.
14. Add the kefir-sourcream-chickpea flour mix to the pan. Reduce the heat and allow it to cook till the kadi thickens and gains a lovely pinkish hue from the cooked cranberries.
15. In the end, mix in the blanched kale.
16. Pour on steaming hot rice and serve with papads!

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